Religious Education Visits and Events  

At St Patrick’s we have a planned programme of religious visits, visitors and virtual events that aid our children in their understanding of not only the Catholic faith, but also other world religions. 

We have a diverse school, with a number of other faith, we encourage our families to share their faith as we believe that this is an important part of making sure that our children understand the role of faith in people’s lives, but also that we are a tolerant and inclusive school and community.

Religious Visits /Visitors

Corpus Christi Church
Ascension Church
Good Shepherd Church
Brentwood Cathedral
The Virtual Rabbi
The Virtual Imam
The Parish Priest – as part of the Come and See programme e.g. Vocations

Holy Days of Obligation & Masses 

St Patrick’s Feast Day – 17th March
All Saints Mass
Epiphany Mass
Ash Wednesday Mass
Ascension Mass
St. Peter St. Paul

Other Religious Visits & Events

Christmas Nativity Concerts
Stations of The Cross Service
Advent Candles Assemblies
Advent Reconciliation Service
Lent Reconciliation Service
Rosary Club
(A new club for this year – at the request of the children – Bible Study Club)