• Monday 22nd July – Leavers’ Mass 11am in the church
  • ———–“———– Intra-house football – Children to wear PE kits
  • ———–“———– Yr 6 must wear uniform for leavers’ mass then change
  • ———–“———– Please bring in a strong carrier bag for children’s books coming home
  • Tuesday 23rd July – Leavers’ Assembly 9:15am
  • ———–“———– Break up at 1pmNo After School Club
  • Summer Holidays
  • Wednesday 4th September – School returns for all
  • For all other dates please see the Calendar

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Start & Pick-up timePE day
Year 18:40/8:50am-3:20pmFriday
Year 28:40/8:50am-3:20pmMonday
Year 38.40/8:50am-3:20pmThursday
Year 48:40/8:50am-3:20pmThursday
Year 58:40/8:50am-3:20pmThursday
Year 68:40/8:50am-3:20pmMonday