Religious Education at St Patrick’s is taught through a Catholic Primary Religious Programme called “Come and See” in Year 1- 6 which is recommended and supported by the Diocese of Brentwood. 

A new framework for Religious Education is currently being implemented and in September 2023, our Reception class have started to plan and work from the new Religious Education Directory ‘ To know You More Clearly’ framework. 

This framework will be progressively rolled out across the school, replacing the Come And See scheme by 2025. The RED implementation Action Plan can be found below:

RED: To Know You More Clearly Implementation Plan.

In the Come and See scheme, nine themes run through the year and each year group studies the same theme through year appropriate topics. We also have a week where we focus on other world religions such as Judaism, and Islam. There is a separate week where we study our Journey in Love RSE programme.

Click on the links below to view the curriculum map for R.E and dates for 2023-24. Details of the RSE program Journey in Love can be viewed under the RSE, PSHE and Mental Health tab.

Come and See Curriculum / To Know You More Clearly Map and Dates for 2023-2024

 The new RED: To Know You More Clearly is taught in Reception through 6 Branches of study:

EYFS ‘To know Your More Clearly’ Curriculum